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About Us

Presentation Design


 Presentations are the public face of your business.  Don't put your audience into a PowerPoint coma with bad designs and sleepworthy content. Presentation WOW builds high energy presentations with impactful graphics and articulate concise messaging that punctuates your purpose.



We sit down with you and figure out the best look for your presentation. Our goal is to supply you with a design that has visual impact, fits your brand imaging and presents your message with purpose and clarity.. 



Once a design is completed and delivered, PrezWow is there to assist with changes and tweaks along the way as your needs shift and your messaging adapts. PresenationWOW is more of a partner than a supplier.

About Us

Mickey Mills


 The creative director at Presentation Wow. Through his nearly three decade career he has been the visionary on hundreds of presentations. 

Mickey is a published author and highly sought after as a presentation design consultant.

 When you don’t have thousands to spend and months to wait, PrezWow is your solution for world class presentation design and consultation.